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Business Action Plan Program

Business Action Plan

Preparing a business plan is critical to your business achieving any revenue growth over the next year.

It is also a useful tool to provide to financial institutions or investors.

Below we have outlined the 8 steps program to preparing a business action plan.


Step 1 - Analyse your business
Where your business is at the moment!

Step 2 - Analyse your sales
Break up your sales figures by product group or major products. Compared to last year are your sales increasing or decreasing?

Step 3 - Analyse your market
Do you know the total market sales & trends? Is the market a good growth market? Will external factors affect long term competitiveness?

Step 4 - Analyse the Competition

Step 5 - SWOT Analysis
Summary of your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Step 6 - Write the Plan
It will state how you intend to take advantage of opportunities and avoid potential threats.

Step 7 - Implement the Plan

Step 8 - Monitor the Plan
All activities should be monitored on a regular basis to make sure the business is achieving what was planned.

We are here to help you prepare your business plan and see it that it is monitored.

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About the Business Action Plan Program Package.
Attendees when they complete the whole program, will have not just have a piece of paper, but an evolving  business action plan. Business owners and their team will understand more about their business, influencing markets and competitors and be better placed to focus and move with industry changes and be able to create and maintain objectives to achieve growth and profitability or discover feasibility of business sustainability.
Basic $5,500 Package inclusions as follows:
1 Day  - Group workshop (bring the business team)

Start the business plan process - 
Session 1 - Analyse your business
Session 2 - Analyse your sales
Session 3 - Analyse your market
Session 4 - Analyse your competition 


1 Online - Group Webinar - Overview & questions - 1 month later  

Session 5 - Summarise the Analysis - SWOT,
Who's doing what (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources),


Putting the plan together - 

Submit worksheets and We will Prepare the Business Action Plan from worksheet answers provided by you. 
We will include the Market Plan, Finance Plan, Human Resources training Plan where submitted by you. 


1 Online B2B session -
Present and implement the plan - 1 month after all worksheets are submitted

Session 6 - Present the Plan, Implement "who does what". 


1 Online B2B Session -
Followup monitoring  - 3 months after implementation of the plan

Session 7 - Reconsider and evaluate objectives of the plan.
Accountability - Have the plan objectives been implemented?


Bonus Free Session -

We want you to be successful!
So AFTER you have had your followup monitoring session and have been successful at implementing your plan, you will be eligible for a "Free" tax planning session with Lee Business & Accounting Services (valued up to $550)